Ramadan 2024 Package
Ramadan 2024 Package

Ramadan 2024 Package

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Our exclusive Ramadan 2024 Package includes:

OxyPlus Glass, Window, and Mirror Surface Cleanser & Disinfectant 750mL

OxyPlus Food Preparation Areas and Refrigerators Disinfectant and Cleanser 750mL

OxyPlus Floor Perfumer, Polisher, and Cleaner (1L, Tulip)

OxyPlus Oven Cleaner & Degreaser 750mL

OxyPlus Chlorine Free Lemon Fragrance 750 mL

OxyPlus Disinfectant and Bathroom Cleaner with Mold Remover 750 mL

OxyPlus Fabric Stain Remover and Cleaner (White and Colored Fabric) 750 mL

OxyCare All Surface Disinfectant 750 mL

OxyPlus Disinfectant & Cleaner for Fabrics, Carpets and Mattresses 750mL

Plastic Bucket

Paper Napkins Package