Our Markets

Due to the diversity of our products, and their applications, our markets are also diverse. The following are the main markets Unepasco operates within: 

Household market: From cleansing fruits and vegetables to disinfecting all types of surfaces, food preparation areas and storage areas such as fridges, and stoves, our products ensure the optimal health, safety, and hygiene of our families. Our other division of household products are designed for fabric cleansing and disinfecting for fabric surfaces such as carpets, sofas, couches, beds, as well as clothing, ensuring the highest quality of life and health at your home at all times.
Food services market: The food services sector, which includes restaurants, fast food places, butchers, fisheries, and catering services, positions safety and healthy food handling and preparation as a top priority, and so does Unepasco.
Our products serve applications that include cleansing and disinfecting food cooking, preparation and storage areas, disinfecting and purification of air, ensuring the food quality our customers in the food services market enjoy are optimal.

Health services market: Air and surface disinfection is critical, and the health service industry’s priority is to protect the safety of patients and their families. Our vision fully aligns with the health services sector in ensuring that patients and their rooms including their beds, furniture, and any other surfaces are always disinfected and sanitized during all stages of patient treatment.

Education Sector: Food preparation areas in kindergartens, schools, and universities are sensitive areas as the safety of many kids and students can be affected by the way food is handled. Unepasco's food cleansing and sanitization products are specifically designed to provide the optimal food preparation, storage, and cooking environment. 

Beauty & Cosmetics: Cosmetics accessories such as make-up brushes and other tools can be a host for bacteria and other germs. Our beauty & cosmetics product division is specifically designed to disinfect and cleanse your cosmetics accessories to protect your health and safety.

Office spaces: Office spaces are areas of productivity and efficiency. With our air purification and surface disinfecting products, we ensure your office experience is always pleasant, and optimized for productivity and efficiency. 

Car Market: Optimal air quality, shiny glass, and clean surfaces are all top priorities for all drivers, especially for car rental services, and car dealerships. Our products are specifically designed to allow for perfect surface and glass polishing and disinfecting, as well as air purification and perfuming in vehicles, enabling you to have the ultimate vehicle experience.