OxyPlus Multipurpose Cleaner 750mL

OxyPlus Multipurpose Cleaner 750mL

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Multipurpose detergent for all surfaces:

  • Kitchen: oven, grill, kitchen hood, pans, sink and all stainless steel surfaces.
  • Bathrooms: toilet, sink, path tub and tiles.
  • For Fabrics and upholstery: white and colored clothes, carpets, furniture fabrics, mattresses and shoes.
  • For Cars: all car interior (fabrics and plastic), tires and rims, engine and lights.
  • For Pets: pet stain and odor eliminator.

How to use:

  • Spray the solution on the area needed to be cleaned, leave it for 30-120 seconds (Do not allow to dry)
  • Clean the area with a wet cloth or wet sponge in a circular motion, and wipe away any excess residues with a clean damp cloth
  • In case of stubborn stains, repeat the process if necessary

Shake bottle thoroughly before using - Try the product on a small and invisible area of the area to be cleaned to ensure that no damage is caused – Do not swallow - Keep out of the reach of children - Avoid contact with the eyes and in case of a contact eyes should be rinsed with water and consult your doctor if necessary – do not use it for dry-clean-only clothes.  

Store product in a temperature condition between 15-25°C in a dry storage location away from direct sunlight.