OxyCare All Surface Disinfectant 10L

OxyCare All Surface Disinfectant 10L

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Oxy-Care has a higher concentration of active ingredients used anywhere where only limited preliminary cleaning is possible, and where there is greater organic and/or microbiological contamination or where there is only brief contact time available for disinfection.

  • Ideal for the medical/laboratory sector, veterinary services.

  • Fights bacteria, viruses, yeasts, fungi (including mold), biofilms and bacterial endospores.

  • Based on the proven Epasco Hydrogen Peroxide and Silver Formulation. (Hydrogen peroxide breaks down into water and oxygen after use without producing any vapors or odors. Silver enhances the disinfectant action and inhibits recontamination.)

  • Ready to use, does not contain alcohol, chlorine or QACs, colorless and fragrance free.

  • Exceptionally effective against biofilms (mucous layers which protect micro-organisms from environmental factors and disinfection measures).

Direction for use:

  • Ready for use.
  • Wear hand gloves.
  • Turn nozzle to spray position, leave product on surface for about 30-60 seconds then wipe with dry cloth. (Do not breath spray or mist).

Do not swallow. Keep out of the reach of children. Avoid contact with eyes (in case of contact eyes should be rinsed with water).

Store at 15-25 °C. Keep away from sunlight in a dry place.